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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Round Up 50!! Subtokyo

Welcome to Subtokyo: Japanese Subculture Vlog!

round up 50!!!
Sazae-san Street @ Sakurashinmachi!! Subtokyo 145
International Tokyo Toy Show 2013! Subtokyo 146
Ani:crush Vol.0! Subtokyo 147
Miku Cafe Ver 2.0! Subtokyo 148

Exile Coke Zero Vending Machine- Subtokyo
Ani:Crush Vol.0 Stages playlist
TOKYO SKYTREE Animated Mural Map! Subtokyo
Japan Twintails Project Gallery!

Wonfes Summer
Hangouts with other vlog buddies
fireworks and festivals

Look forward to more videos soon!
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