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Saturday, March 3, 2012

iPhone 10x Zoom Lens

Yesterday I went shopping in Akiba for some different equipment, and I came across and bought this iPhone Zoom Lens with mini tripod and iphone mount:

Honestly I bought this soley for the phone/tripod mount. It cost 1800yen for the package and the cheapest mount I could find was 1500, so I got this and considered the Tripod, case, and lens as a bonus.

I've been using the iPhone for a good year and a half now, It takes pretty good pictures. I try not to use the zoom fuction on the iPhone cause its pure digital zoom and I abhor digital zoom. Really it just makes your image smaller and more grainy. You should just take the pic and crop it later if that's what you want.

Anyways. I got it, and I thought I'd try it out since I have it. Its 10x zoom so anything close is gonna be blurry, this really seems to be intended for taking scenery and stuff far away. I went to my roof which always has a nice view.

To know what I'm taking I aimed my camera to the Aoyama Store sign which stood out the most amongst all the buildings. This first photo was shot WITH the lens. Its a little clumsy to handle so I guess thats why its paired with the tripod but I was able to get somewhat a clear photo. You can adjust the lens somewhat too.

Then this is how it looks without it. Can you even see the store sign? I was pretty impressed when I did this comparison. I wasn't really able to try it out at the store because the demo on display was all scratched up. But hey, this is pretty cool. Can't wait to play around with it a bit more.

That's all for my random review blog :0