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Monday, December 12, 2011

New Love Plus Demo Photo Snapshots!

I tried downloading the New Love Plus Demo from 7-Eleven, first impression: Pretty same as the Tokyo Game Show Demo. However, after being able to take time and play it there are couple features (not sure if the same demo had them) that were uniquely awesome like actual photo filters (Soft focus, HDR, Toy Camera, Sepia, Black and white, etc.) and not to mention you can actually save these photos to your 3DS... which I couldn't at Tokyo Game Show because of the fact that we were using the 3DS's on display at the show.

So, after a few photo sessions with the lovely girls I got couple of pretty nice photos with the various filters applied to each one. Check em out :D The pics themselves are a little gritty as they're meant to be viewed on the 3DS(they look gorgeous on the 3DS screen) and not on a regular monitor I guess. Still they're pretty.