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Friday, December 2, 2011

3DS Monster Hunter 3G Demo: Subtokyo T1

like these vids?

Man it's tough playing with one hand XD Not to mention I've NEVER played Monster Hunter Before...

Hey guys!
Subtokyo: Torepedo's are short clips (shorter than most episodes at least) Where I want to show something but don't get to make it into a full episode.

I happen to go to town today and went by the electronics store which led me to get a chance to play this demo. I wasn't expecting to be able to so, it's pretty much a random occurance, which I was able to film.

More possible Torpedo clips in the future, as I said, they'll probably be as random as my hangout videos so, uh, don't expect them...but be ready for them.

I may cover this demo more in depth once it gets released on the Nintendo e-shop, or when the actual game comes out.

anyways, thanks for watching!


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